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The Poncha Springs Planning and Zoning Committee voted unanimously at the end of its October public hearing to approve the final plat and request for rezoning for the Harder-Diesslin Development Group’s Minor Subdivision, located on the west side of Halley’s Ave., north of CR120 and south of Monarch Crossing.

The hearing began with a presentation from Bill Hussey of the Crabtree Group, who made the request to subdivide the two 2.45 acre lots into four lots, plus one out-lot for drainage and utilities, and then for the rezoning of two of the parcels, Lot 1 and Lot 2 to SD-1, to fit with existing development at the Monarch Crossing development adjacent to the Harder-Diesslin project, as well as for a variance for zero side setback on outbuildings, such as a garage or Auxiliary Dwelling Unit (ADU).

Town Manager Brian Berger noted the SD-1 variance for Lot 1 and Lot 2 was for townhouses that share structural walls, and that this variance language was used for Monarch Crossing and Spartan Heights.

Hussey and the committee members discussed development agreements: coordination of sewer line infrastructure with two other developments, Quarry Station and Poncha Town Center; completing the west side of Halley Avenue; and provisions for the size and pace of the development once the two lots are split into 5. Mayor Ben Scanga asked how many townhouses altogether would be put on lots 1 and 2: four and ten, respectively, was the answer.

Committee member Dave Ward then led a discussion about water taps for the townhouses: are they going to be in groups, or will there be individual taps, with a meter for each unit? Town Manager Berger said that there would be one meter for the entire development, with the HOA being responsible for charging the individual property owners, and fee structures to be outlined in the HOA agreement.

With that, the public hearing closed, and there were two motions: the first put forward by Ben Scanga, to approve the SD-1 zoning for lots 1 and 2; Steve Rust seconded. Rust then made the motion to approve the final plat and plat notes, dividing the two current lots into five; Ben Scanga seconded. Both motions passed unanimously.

In other business, Brian Berger showed the committee some proposed designs for the entryway stones into Poncha Springs, and reported that there was about $5,000 left to work with from the Hoover Park improvements. The Committee discussed what could be done with it, and recommended that Berger spend it on miscellaneous playground equipment such as spring riders, and to wait till next year until another half acre opens up on the park’s north side to add different playground elements such as climbing wall or playground rocks.