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The Poncha Springs Planning and Zoning Commission (P & Z) made short work of their agenda items at their regular meeting Monday night, voting after two brief public hearings to recommend approval to the board of trustees of two revised multi-family site plans. They approved the Spartan Heights development which has had support from the Salida School District and also approved the DeAnza Vista Apartments project.

The Spartan Heights site plan, submitted by the Diesslin Group and Salida School District R32J, which owns the property, was revised from a plan presented Jan. 28 to the board of trustees. It presented elevations for the proposed four-plex units, shifted to Lots five and six, located at 310 and 312 Hulbert Avenue. The plan, as presented in January, had called for the four-plex to be put on Lots nine and 10; originally slated for development of single-family housing.

In the revised site plan, Lots nine and 10 will now be given to Habitat for Humanity in lieu of Lots five and six, and both will be reserved for single-family houses. The developer proposed a two-story four-plex with one-bedroom apartments on one side, and two-bedroom units on the other; with a proposed 704 square feet for the one-bedroom units, and 853 square for the two-bedrooms. However, according to town manager Brian Berger, the plat notes call for a minimum of 800 square feet for a single family house or one side of a duplex.

Mayor Ben Scanga and P&Z Commissioner Adrian Quintana questioned the developer about the square footage for the proposed one-bedroom units. Scanga noted that “four, two-bedroom units at 800 square feet makes this an easy pass,” and Quintana stating that they could make a recommendation to the board of trustees that the apartments did not all have to be two-bedroom units, but each unit has to be at least 800 square feet.

Scanga made the motion to recommend approval of the site plan with the contingency that the developer come back with a revision that reflects an 800 square foot minimum for each unit. Dave Ward seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

The DeAnza Vista plan was a revision of the one submitted to P & Z and the board of trustees at their joint meeting Jan. 7.

At that meeting, the board and P & Z voted to reject a site plan that called for a two-story six-plex building to be added at the back of the property and called for owner William Simpson to come back with a revised plan that would include two, one-story buildings rather than one two-story building.

Simpson, together with Bill Hussey from the Crabtree Group, presented the new plan, which will place a single-story duplex by the community building (site of the original proposed new structure) and a single-story four-plex between two existing five-unit apartment buildings on the south side of the property, north of E. Poncha Avenue. Hussey pointed out that the revised plan allowed for three parking spaces adjacent to the new building, and eliminated the need for the parking variance previously requested.

“I like this plan much better than the other,” said Ward, who made the motion to accept the site plan as presented. Scanga seconded and the motion passed 2-0, with Quintana recusing himself. P & Z will refer the site plan for approval to the board of trustees at their next meeting.

Both plans will now go before the board of trustees at their next regular meeting.