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The Poncha Springs Board of Trustees met for their monthly meeting on Monday, June 24, 2019. Mayor Pro-tem Adrian Quintana was absent and six community members were present. Six items were on the agenda along with a public hearing. The board heard law enforcement proposals from the  Salida Police Department and the Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office, ultimately deciding on the least expensive option to provide law enforcement for the town of Poncha Springs.

There were pros and cons in both proposals. At $116,000 for 2020 implementation, Salida’s proposal was costlier, but provided 24/7 coverage.

The sheriff’s proposal of $34,000 for 2020 was significantly less expensive, but only provided one dedicated officer to the town. Trustee Dean Edwards made a motion to pursue the sheriff’s department proposal with a unanimous vote by the rest of the board.

Also on the agenda was a warrant request on a garage setback for the duplex to be built at 501 Angelo Lane. The neighbor of the proposed building was present in the audience. She was concerned about her view being obstructed by the proposed garage

After hearing the neighbor’s concerns, Mayor Ben Scanga closed the public hearing to the discussion. Several trustees wanted the lot owner to be present to hear the neighbor’s concerns and work toward a solution. It was decided to delay a decision on the garage setback until the lot owner could be present. The overall duplex project was approved by the board, however.



The board received a presentation from Rachel Pokrandt, Colorado Mountain College vice president and Leadville Campus dean. Pokrandt presented the results of the Salida Annexation Feasibility Study.

While the board was receptive to annexation viability,  the board had some concerns about the use of mill levy revenue, which Scanga highlighted.

It was understood through discussion that revenue gained from the mill levy will not necessarily be spent within the Salida CMC district. These concerns were expressed to Pokrandt for clarity in further pursuit of CMC annexation.

The final three agenda items were voted on with little discussion. The board approved the release of lot sales restrictions in the Quarry Station subdivision. The board approved a recommendation by town Administrator Brian Berger to model the town’s short-term rental policy after the more incentive-based policy used by Buena Vista. Finally, the board approved a liquor license renewal for Pester Marketing DBA, Alta #6141 (Conoco).