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Ballots just went out this past Monday, but already the Chaffee Clerk and Recorder’s Office is receiving back the completed primary ballots.

On Thursday, the office received 109 ballots, the first day the office was open to receive them. On the second day, Saturday, June 11, the office received another 116 ballots, bringing the total 225.

Dan Smith Photo

Broken out by the two major parties and unaffiliated:

Democratic Party Returned   110

Republican Party Returned    45

Unaffiliated                                70

Chaffee Voter Rolls:

# of Registered Democrats as of June 10         3,946

# of Registered Republicans as of June 10      4,312

# of Registered UAF as of June 10                    7,168

Total Active registered voters                          15,653

The Clerk and Recorder’s Office does send a list of voters who have voted to news media, as part of its duty to provide transparency.