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The Salida Art Commission is looking for artists, individuals, nonprofit organizations, and companies to design and paint a single side of a 6-foot long concrete barrier block which will be used during the summer 2021 F Street Plaza pedestrian arrangement. The application deadline is May 14.

Salida is recognized as a state leader in the arts and it is also a Colorado Certified Creative District. This is due to a municipality committed to emphasizing an existing historic downtown as a center of commerce and to a community comprised of numerous arts, cultural and non-profit organizations.

Last year, the city commissioned concrete blocks for both safety and aesthetic reasons as temporary art installations to achieve that creative aesthetic as the city tried to carve out more community space during the COVID-19 public health crisis. A total of 12 blocks were placed blocking automobile traffic from designated stretches of F Street and “artistic individuals” were signed up to paint a single side of each block.

Barriers painted by local artists at the intersection of F Street and West Sackett. Photo taken by Brooke Gilmore.

This year, the key goal is to have the design depict visuals or messages that positively celebrate Salida and the community with a focused theme on equality, diversity and inclusion.

Applicants are encouraged to visit F Street, primarily between Sackett Avenue and Second Street,  to make a connection to Salida’s creativity, history, people, and sense of place.

Immediately following the official close of entries, the Public Art Commission may opt to retain the use of any painted blockades from last year as long as the Commission members unanimously agree that it fits with this year’s theme.

The traffic blockades will be placed along F Street by the City of Salida on approximately May 25. Public Art Commission members will contact the selected individuals, who will be able to begin working on their approved design on May 25.

The use of the painted blockades will be for the duration of the summer season, when two blocks of F Street become a pedestrian-only area. The City will provide a $300 honorarium to the applicant of the newly, approved designs.

The project is open to residents of Chaffee County, with no age restriction. Those under 18 years of age should have a parent or legal guardian sign up on their behalf.  Selected individuals or groups will be responsible for providing their own supplies and should make best efforts to keep the area around the blockade as clean as possible during the process. Designs should be completed within a consecutive, seven-day period once the blockades are in place along the F Street locations.

The Public Art Commission will approve a submitted design based on the availability of blockade surfaces to be painted that will complement the City’s intent of providing a colorful, inclusive and community-driven atmosphere in the designated area.

The following criteria will be used when evaluating applications:

  • Meets or exceeds specifications for design, aesthetics and functionality.
  • Is a design that complements and enhances the aesthetics and environment of the designated F Street location and depicts a “celebration” of Salida.
  • Shall completely fill, but not exceed, the surface area size of six feet wide by two feet tall.
  • Artwork must be original and adhere to “fair use” guidelines.
  • Artwork should not be of a commercial nature.

To learn more and fill out an application, click here.