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The Colorado Department of Reclamation, Mining, and Safety (DRMS) has a public comment period ending this coming Wednesday, September 1 for Zephyr Minerals mining application, where they are seeking gold mining permits at their Dawson Section, adjacent to Cañon City’s Dawson Ranch neighborhood.

This is the third consecutive year that Zephyr Minerals is seeking gold mining permits from Colorado for a gold mining operation that would extend from the steps of Cañon City, miles to the west, onto wild and scenic State and BLM public lands, transecting the Grape Creek proposed Wilderness, BLM’s Wilderness Study Area and Grape Creek Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC), managed to protect “a corridor of significant natural character with unique desert riparian resources, scenic and visual qualities, flora and fauna values.”

Image courtesy of Wild Connections.

In this application, Zephyr is seeking permits for their Dawson Mine site east of Grape Creek and adjacent to Cañon City’s Dawson Ranch neighborhood.

According to Wild Connections, this not only poses obvious threats to local residents, recreation, and the tourism economy, but would be another step closer for Zephyr and their master plan to gold mine across the Grape Creek wilderness and wildlife area.

The Colorado Department of Reclamation, Mining, & Resources has an open comment period until Sept 1.  Click here to submit a comment.

Wild Connections is also part of a local group, the Arkansas Valley Conservation Coalition, made up of organizations and businesses concerned about the risks to our local community, environment, and future due to the proposed Zephyr Minerals gold mining operation next to Cañon City.  Their goal is to block permit approval.  Click here to learn more