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Buena Vista City Attorney Jeff Parker will update the Board of Trustees on Colorado HB19-1177 and its implications for the Town of Buena Vista during their April 9 meeting.

HB19-1177, the Extreme Risk Protection Order Bill, also known as the ‘Red-Flag Bill’, was passed by the Colorado Senate March 28.

“We feel it would be good to hear from our legal counsel on what it could mean to what our responsibilities are. Then we can open up the discussion if the trustees have any questions (for Parker)” Buena Vista’s Town Administrator Phillip Puckett said.

Puckett pointed out, due to the small size of the Buena Vista Police Department that enforcing the Red Flag Law may be easier said than done.

“There are some questions that have been raised internally,” Puckett said. “How realistic is this for small departments with limited facilities like ours? If our police force (faces a situation) where they are asked to be involved (using the law to take weapons), what does that mean? What happens to firearms that are confiscated? Where are they stored?”

The Board of County Commissioners will discuss HB19-1177 with Sheriff John Spezze during their April 9 meeting. The sheriff has requested Sanctuary County status.

Puckett made it very clear that the Red-Flag discussion during the trustees meeting will not include discussion on Chaffee County as a Sanctuary County.

“That’s not the intention of this discussion. It’s to let our trustees and staff hear from legal counsel.” Puckett stated.

The trustees will also consider approving another amendment of the Site-Specific Development Plan and Subdivision Improvements Agreement with South Main PUD Phase One. This would be the fourth such amendment made to this plan.

During the March 12 meeting, Grant Bryans, Buena Vista’s code enforcement officer, updated the trustees on possible changes to the city’s nuisance code. The trustees will be revisiting that discussion during tomorrow’s meeting.

The code changes regard vacant and un-managed residential properties in the Town of Buena Vista. The current nuisance code already addresses non-residential properties.