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At the Aug. 13 meeting, the Salida School Board discussed preparing for the start of the school year and reported that registration is up for the Salida High School, Salida Middle School and Longfellow Elementary School.

Spartan Logo (Courtesy of Salida School District homepage)

“Registration is off the walls this year,” said Salida High School Principal Tami Thompson. “I just counted on my secretary’s desk tonight that we have 22 new students from outside the district coming in. We are definitely seeing that increase that we were expecting.”

Middle School Principal William Wooddell also contributed to the registration conversation, “I would echo Tami’s comment about enrollment. We have 32 new kids in the pile who completed paperwork, and there were eight more kids today who came to pick up paperwork.” He continued, “It’s a good problem to have, and we are really excited about it.”

Longfellow Principal Chuck McKenna added the current state of registration for the elementary school, “We are growing as well. We are up 14 in kindergarten, which is a nice time for them to get full funding to kindergarten. Kindergarten is now at 89 overall.”

Also reporting in at full capacity, offering nine full-day classrooms was the Early Childhood Center, with about 50 children remaining on the waiting list. The Early Childhood Center is starting off the year two part-time paraprofessionals shy, but overall are seeing returning staff members.