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This past Friday, Colorado Representative Lisa Frizell (R) in House District 45 formally announced that she is running for the Colorado Senate District 2 seat in the November 2024 election.

The seat is currently held by Republican Senator Jim Smallwood, who is term-limited.

Senate District 2 (previously SD4) encompasses the suburban parts of El Paso County (Colorado Springs), and parts of  Clear Creek, Fremont, Park, and Teller Counties. It is considered a majority Republican District.

Smallwood currently serves as the Minority Caucus Chair for the Senate Republicans.

“I’m excited to announce my candidacy for Senate District 2,” read Frizell’s announcement. “I am incredibly grateful for the support you have given me since I’ve been in the House, but today we take on a bigger fight. That is why I humbly ask for your support so that we can keep pushing back against the Democrats and their tyranny.”