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The proposed Resource Management Plan (RMP) for managing Browns Canyon National Monument was released by the Bureau of Land Management Royal Gorge Field Office and the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) Pike-San Isabel National Forests and Comanche-Cimarron National Grasslands.

Browns Canyon National Monuments, designated in 2015, encompasses more than 21,500 acres.

The Proposed Resource Management Plan, Alternative D, will integrate three actions presented in the Draft RMP, while also addressing public comments and comments from cooperating agencies. It will provide protections for the monument’s resources and recreational opportunities.

Browns Canyon National Monument was established on February 19, 2015 by Presidential Proclamation 9232. This plan will revise a portion of the 1996 BLM Royal Gorge RMP and amends the 1984 USFS PISICC Forest Plan.

“The Proposed RMP incorporates input and responds to comments on the draft RMP from numerous stakeholders and interested individuals,” said BLM Royal Gorge Field Manager Keith Berger. “Engaged partners, communities, state and local government, and tribes were central in shared conservation planning of the Browns Canyon National Monument and in the development of this proposed plan to manage this incredible resource.”

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The Browns Canyon National Monument’s river corridor lies within the broader Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area (AHRA). The Browns Canyon segment accounts for between 40-45 percent of the overall commercial river use in the AHRA and contributed approximately $30 million to Colorado’s economy in 2018.

The Proposed RMP for the Browns Canyon National Monument is subject to a 30-day protest period. The document and instructions for protest are available for review on the BLM’s ePlanning website at Protests are due no later than Monday, May 18, 2020.

For more information, visit the Bureau of Land Management’s website.