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At the May 3 Parks and Wildlife Commission Meeting in Glenwood Springs, Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) will consider the latest revised draft of the Colorado Wolf Restoration and Management Plan. It will review and discuss all the work completed over the last three years to develop the plan to restore and manage gray wolves in Colorado.

Photo image behind the Colorado Parks and Wildlife logo courtesy of Rio Blanco Herald Times

Since Colorado voters approved the 2020 ballot measure authorizing the return of gray wolves to the Colorado ecosystem, it remained controversial, particularly among ranchers and farmers who have pointed out the predator’s economic impact on their operations. Wildlife experts say that wolves have already returned to Colorado on their own, at least one pack has moved into the state from Wyoming.

The meeting will be live-streamed on CPW’s YouTube channel . The Commission will vote on the final plan during the meeting. No set times for the discussion have been announced for the session, which is listed with a two-day agenda of items.

For more information about this hybrid-purpose meeting, follow this link