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Republican candidate Ron Hanks won the Colorado House of Representatives District 60 race with a total of 60.11 percent of the votes within the district. Salida resident and Democratic party candidate Lori Boydston received 32.71 percent of the votes from the district overall.

Ron Hanks performing final duties as the volunteer Secretary of the Fremont County Republican Part. Image courtesy of

District 60 encompasses Chaffee, Park, Custer, and Fremont counties.

Boydston won Chaffee County with 50.19 percent of all votes cast in the county. Her opponent, Ron Hanks received 49.81 percent of the Chaffee County vote, winning Park, Custer, and Fremont counties.

In the other three counties, Hanks won with nearly two to one margin, demonstrating a distincy divergency from Chaffee attitudes.

In Park County, Hanks won 60.95 percent of the votes while Boydston won 39.05 percent.

In Custer, 67.63 percent of the county voted for Hanks while 32.37 percent voted for Boydston.

In Fremont, 67.29 percent of voters selected Hanks while 32.71 percent of the county voted for Boydston.

Before the election results, Lori Boydston, Democratic candidate for House District 60 told Ark Valley Voice,  “I think it’s a lot closer than other races in the past. I did my best; I can say that. There’s a lot of positives going on with so many people voting.”

Boydston said her gut feeling was that she had won Chaffee County, but that as she knew going into the campaign, the other counties are definitely “more red” [Republican].