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Accepting a $5000 donation from Safeway to Longfellow elementary, left to right were Safeway district manager Kyla Cardillo, Longfellow Elementary principal Chuck McKenna and Safeway store director Mark Cleckner. Courtesy Photo.

A ceremony that was part of re-grand opening events at the Safeway grocery store at 232 G. St. in Salida, on Dec. 5, culminated in the presentation of a $5,000 donation to Longfellow Elementary. Safeway referred to the donation as “a thank you to the community.”

“We’re thrilled and surprised and grateful and …of course, excited for the kids,” said Longfellow Elementary principal Chuck McKenna, while accepting the award. He did not provide specifics on for what the donation will be used.

Safeway store director Mark Cleckner said the re-grand opening was both a thank you to customers and to store staff for their hard work. Visitors to the store celebrated with cake from the store’s large bakery and the store gave away goodie bags.