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On Tuesday, September 21, the Saguache Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) unanimously approved and adopted a new resolution titled; “Civil Emergency, Emergency, or Local Disaster Regulations” Resolution #2021-07.

Courtesy image, Saguache County, Colorado

These new regulations define the duties and powers of the Chair of the BoCC, spending authorities, spending limits, the succession of authority, government continuity of operations, and alternative meeting locations for the BoCC – during a County Declared Disaster.

Now, in the event of a disaster and if the BOCC is unable to meet, they have delegated spending authority to the Board Chair.

If the Board Chair is unavailable, spending authority will then be delegated to the County Administrator. In the absence of both the BoCC and County Administrator spending authority will then be delegated to the County Emergency Manager.  This resolution also allows the county to bypass certain procurement requirements such as advertising for bids.

“It is important to establish emergency procurement, purchasing policies, and procedures before any emergency or disaster,” said Director Robert Woelz.  When an emergency necessitates immediate action to protect life and property, we cannot let regular County spending policies delay our response. This resolution will reduce the administrative burden associated with contracting goods and services (during an emergency) by allowing the County to engage in non-competitive procurement, if necessary.”

The full text of the resolution is attached and can be found on the Saguache County website.