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It’s Time to Sweep the Streets in Salida

Residential streets throughout the City of Salida will be cleaned regularly following a monthly street sweeping schedule. Between the first Monday and first Friday of each month, different areas of the city will be cleaned. Downtown Salida will be swept twice a month on the second and fourth Fridays.

The city is divided into six street-sweeping quadrants. View the large area map link here to see which day of the week street sweeping operations will occur in your area.

Residents can help the street sweeping team be more efficient by parking vehicles off the street during your dedicated monthly street sweeping day. In addition to helping our streets look their best, regular street sweeping operations are important and keep dirt and debris out of the air and prevent harmful chemicals from entering the river.

Street sweeping operations are intended to begin at 6:00 a.m. (weather permitting) for residential areas and likely earlier in the downtown and Hwy 50 areas to accommodate commuters. However, each section of the city will take multiple hours to complete and drivers may encounter crews on the road. You’re asked to please slow down and provide plenty of space between you and the street sweeper – they can and do turn on a dime and might catch you off guard.

Featured image: Salida street sweeper in action. Photo courtesy City of Salida