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With summer approaching, Salida officials encourage residents to follow the city’s voluntary outdoor watering restrictions.

These restrictions call for residents to refrain from watering between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.; additionally, residents with even-numbered address are asked to water only on even-numbered days while residents with odd-numbered addresses should water only on odd-numbered days.

Watering during the heat of the day results in 50 percent of the water being lost to evaporation. Alternating days for even and odd addresses helps balance water production at the treatment plants, ensures redundancy and provides ideal water pressure in the system.

Following these voluntary measures helps to reduce the potential for mandatory watering restrictions.

Also, the city plans to flush fire hydrants soon. Although this uses system water, it is necessary to ensure reliable service of the hydrants and maintain water quality in the distribution system.

Anyone with questions about watering restrictions or other issues related to the Salida municipal water system is encouraged to contact the Salida Public Works Department at 719-539-6257.