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The questions are on the minds of parents and families: What will Halloween look like? What will celebrating the Christmas holiday season be like — if much celebration is possible?

With the next few months hosting multiple holidays, the Salida Business Alliance met this past week to discuss what the 2020 Holiday season will look like. Though this was a brainstorming session, many ideas were put forward including the possibility of a virtual costume contest, a movie at the Chaffee County Fairgrounds, and the possibility of a drive-through haunted house.

One thing is very clear, this year’s Halloween will look different and will most likely be Trick-or-treater free. Though nothing is set in stone, due to social distancing and public health guidelines some major rules would have to be implemented for any event to be held.

It was pointed out that the passing out of candy would come with risks and would be hard to manage, specifically there would be no way to track which kids were at what houses at what times if there was an outbreak. This is why the team is shifting the focus onto other fun events.

Sunrise Rotary is one of the newest members of the Salida Business Alliance. They offered their take on many of the regular winter holiday events including Holiday Park.

The team discussed potential ways for the community to enjoy festivities without much group gathering and maintaining social distancing. Some possible options included a parade of houses, or businesses, which would allow community members to drive through town and vote on their favorite decorated structure and the potential to allow kids to see Santa at the amphitheater wITH strict guidelines.