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Leading off the April 15 Salida Business Alliance bi-monthly meeting was an impromptu discussion on issues with packages being delivered outside of business hours.

Recently, the long-time mail carrier who delivered to downtown businesses retired. Due to nationwide understaffing and underfunding, the United States Postal Service (USPS) is suffering at every level and Salida is no exception.

The new mail carrier is learning the complex route while also being overworked due to local understaffing. Businesses understand that he and local management may be also frustrated with the current situation.

Adding to these concerns, during the summer of 2020, many noticed a rise in vandalism downtown, and business owners are concerned that packages will be stolen if they continue to be delivered after hours. SBA hopes to work to support the Salida USPS, so packages won’t be stolen and get delivered to businesses during their usual hours. In the coming weeks, SBA plans to work on ways to solve this issue.

“While it’s going to take a lot of time to change this from the top-down, at least we can start locally,” said SBA President Angel Rowell.

After this discussion, Social Worker and Counselor at Solvista Health, Lana Leonard gave a presentation on the Colorado Spirit program. One of the main points she spoke of was the importance of community resilience to recovery. She also highlighted the idea of humility and patience, both with one’s self and working with others.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone, she reiterated, just in different ways.

This program’s four main goals are:

  • Build connections and relationships with others: Prioritize spending time with friends and family or consider joining a group with whom you share beliefs, interests, or purpose.
  • Establish healthy physical and mental habits: Keeping active is a good way to improve mental and physical health, so try setting aside 30 minutes each day to move. Make sure your diet is consistent and balanced, including protein, healthy carbs, fruits, vegetables, and lots of water.

Practice staying in the present by making time to put aside your phone and other distractions. Focus on your thoughts and feelings without judging yourself and consider trying journaling, meditation, breathing exercises, or prayer to establish a sense of self-awareness.

  • Avoid negative outlets: Focus on establishing healthy habits and connections that support coping and growth through difficult periods. While alcohol, drugs, and other substances may be tempting, they don’t support healthy navigation through hardships.
  • Set goals: Set reachable goals that give you something to work on each day, even if they’re small steps, to get closer to your goal.

To watch the full meeting, click here. To learn more about the Colorado Spirit Program, click here.