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A classic Colorado Fall afternoon on Oct. 25 was the setting for the formal ribbon cutting of the newly redone “Scout Wave“, just down from the F Street bridge on the Arkansas River in Salida.

“Diesel” Post (right) addresses the crowd gathered for the Scout Wave ribbon cutting before turning the mic over to designer Mike Harvey. Anissa Caiazza photo

Salida Parks & Recreation Director Mike “Diesel” Post hosted a throng of spectators lined up on both sides of the riverbank. In his remarks, Post thanked the members of the Salida City Council for their foresight and support as well as all the community members who contributed to it.

Post credited lead designer Mike Harvey as well as the major builders of the wave. Shout-outs went to locals, Larry Sherwood of Lowry Contracting as well as Terry and Jake Hadley of Hadley Construction for their highly skilled work on excavation and concrete forming, respectively.

“What’s most fun for me about this project is seeing the way it has transformed our community through the eyes of our local kids” said Mike Harvey. “It’s also a passion for our community and for the waterway that means so much to us”.

Harvey has worked with the city for more than 20 years building and pioneering the state-of-the -art features on the Arkansas which have made the river a mecca for locals and visitors alike. He in turn thanked his design partners Gary Lacy and son Spencer Lacy who he said he has known since he was six years old. Harvey and Spencer Lacy researched “green” wave features around the world and came up with something entirely new in Salida for the growing sport of river surfing.

“When I see kids ride their bikes here in the summertime, with their wetsuits stripped halfway down and a body board under one arm, I think we’re doing a good job and I’m proud of our town”, Harvey concluded.

After more remarks, it was time for the ribbon cutting, which fittingly spanned the whole river. With Harvey and Post manning their paddles, they slipped up to the blue ribbon, neatly cutting it before managing to successfully ride the wave.

Mike Harvey and Diesel Post cut the blue ribbon and successfully “conquer” the newly redone Scout Wave on the Arkansas River in downtown Salida, Oct. 25, 2022. Anissa Caiazza video

Mike “Diesel” Post and Mike Harvey take out their craft after successfully running the Scout Wave and cutting the ribbon. Anissa Caiazza photo

Admittedly, a floating pontoon craft is a bit more stable than what the hordes of river surfers have been riding over the last few weeks during the soft opening. At the takeout, all parties were pleased with the duo’s run (and happy that they remained upright considering the lack of wetsuits and the oversized scissors).

Featured image: Spectators line the riverbank at the Scout Wave Ribbon Cutting. Ark Valley Voice wishes to express thanks for the still photos and videos shared by Salida Recreation ad Aquatics Manager Anissa Caiazza.