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UPDATE: The Rocky Mountain PBS documentary about Salida Circus was moved to air on Thursday evening;, Dec. 29. No reason was given for the date shift, but the presentation promised to be special, as Salida circu celebrates 15 years as a beloved “social circus.”

You might call it ‘local circus makes good,” or by its program name: “Come One, Come All, Salida Circus with a Purpose.”

At 10:00 a.m. MST, Sunday, Dec. 18 the much-loved Salida Circus will be the subject of a Rocky Mountain PBS documentary, titled “Come One, Come All, Salida Circus with a Purpose”.

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The documentary will chart the unlikely course of the internationally-known Salida Circus from the backyard of founder Jennifer Dempsey to work with the Boys & Girls Clubs to national performances and performers from around the world.

For more about Salida Circus, see this current feature by Ark Valley Voice contributor Sammie Wicks:

Readers can live-stream the entertaining documentary at this link:

As they say in circus showbiz — “See you at the circus!”

This feature event has been covered by new AVV Contributor Sammie Wicks.