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Black History Month Proclamation. Graphic courtesy of the City of Salida.

The Salida City Council held its first regular meeting of the month on February 7, during which they considered and approved Resolutions 2023-06 and 2023-07, and held a first reading for Ordinance 2023-03, setting a public hearing date for February 21.

During public comment, Donna Rhodes and Wendy Gorie presented a plan for an outdoor pool complex. Rhodes explained that the concept would include a smaller soaking pool and a larger community pool. “We want to see if we can come to a work session and talk to Council about [the outdoor pool project]. t has been talked about for many years and we would like to do it.”

Gorie, an adult and high school swim coach, went further in making the case for a new outdoor pool: “Salida has had an indoor pool since 1937… tourism and population has increased in the town and now we don’t have enough capacity [at the Salida Hot Springs Aquatic Center].”

“We have tried for 30 years to get an outdoor pool, and we are here now to get a public-private partnership going with the town,” she continued. “We have hot water and a logo and are ready to get the public involved. We’ve gotten a pool contractor to work with us on an estimate, but we don’t want to move forward unless we can form a partnership with the city. We want to come to the March 6 work session.”

Salida City Council Regular Meeting (Photo by Taylor Sumners)

Mayor Dan Shore read the proclamation for February as Black History Month, and Kathryn Dunleavy presented the text of Resolution 2023-06, amending the 2023 city fee schedule.

She explained that the first amendment would eliminate the System Development Fee deferral option for Auxiliary Dwelling Units (ADUs) under “Fees and Charges for Water and Wastewater Services.”

The second amendment adjusts the amount of of the Inclusionary Housing “fee-in-lieu” for developers, which is based on median house prices. Since the median house price has dropped slightly over the last year, the amendment proposes that the rate of $20.10 per square foot on for-sale units be dropped to $19.97 per square foot. The rate of $3.00 per square foot for rental units remains unchanged. Council member Harald Kasper made the motion to approve Resolution 2023-06, Council member Dominique Naccarato seconded it, and the motion carried unanimously.

Michael Varnum, the city’s Arts and Culture Director, presented Resolution 2023-07, approving citizen appointments to the public art commission. Varnum explained that there had been two resignations, and put forward Dania Pettus and Carmel Burton as the suggested candidates to fill the slots. Jane Templeton made the motion to approve, and Justin Critelli seconded. During discussion before final vote, Critelli asked Varnum how the candidates had found out about the openings, suggesting broader use of social media to attract younger potential candidates. The motion passed unanimously.

Public Works Director David Lady introduced the first reading of Ordinance 2023-03, which will amend Chapter 16, Section VIII of the Municipal Code, specifically Sections 16-8-60, Stormwater Management Standards, and Section 16-8-70, Grading and Erosion Control. Lady explained that the amendments pertained to the stormwater collection and design standards for point discharges such as curbs and gutters, and detention facilities such as catchment ponds, as well as setting requirements for development within a flood plain, defining erosion control planning and stormwater management plans.

Alisa Pappenfort moved to approve the first reading of the Ordinance, with the second reading and hearing scheduled for Feb 21. Templeton seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

During Council reports, Critelli read a statement from Zech Papp, the Salida Airport manager, outlining ground lease rates at comparable airports (Buena Vista and Fremont County), showing Salida to be competitive. Naccarato reported that she had attended the Colorado Association of Ski Towns (CAST) meeting. Templeton said she had read the Tree Board report and wanted it to be published in the city newsletter for wider circulation showing the extra efforts the Board has made.

Finally, Shore sent out a general thank-you to the community for the large turnout at the South Ark Neighborhood Open House, and those who had filled out the online election survey discussed at the February 6 work session.

The next regularly-scheduled City Council meeting is February 21. The complete packet and agenda for the February 7 meeting can be found here.