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To allow Salida community members a chance to get to know their city candidates better, Ark Valley Voice compiled an initial set of questions, and has now followed that with a second list of questions to Salida City Council candidates. The second question asked to candidates was “What specifically will you ask community members to do to help support waste diversion and sustainability?”

Harald Kasper’s Answer:

“The loss of our partner for the recycling center has forced us to give the three local waste collection companies the push to extend their market-based service in collecting recycling at the doorsteps of residences. The city’s task in the next couple of years will be to monitor the participation rate, potentially negotiate a collective rate with the providers or fill in with a collection of recyclables that are not getting back into the chain. The resident’s task of course is to bite the bullet and subscribe to the commercial recycling pick up, maybe partner with their neighbors or friends if their produced volume doesn’t justify the monthly dues.”

Photo by Sigmund. Courtesy of unsplash.

Dominique Naccarato’s Answer:

“I’d love for community members to support one or more of the four local businesses engaged in the waste diversion in Salida, including Shamrock Disposal Services, Chaffee County Waste, Waste Management and Elements Mountain Compost. These services engage in legitimate recycling or composting practices which help lower the City’s carbon footprint, reduce landfill waste, and help create jobs through the circular economy.

I’d also love for community members to use public transportation, through either the Chaffee Shuttle or Bustang if going to Denver or considering biking or walking when able to reduce emissions from driving (I’m not that great at this but I’m always trying to do better). These are two areas of sustainability where I’ve got more experience, but I look forward to learning more about the other components of the City’s Climate Action Plan (CAP).

I’d love for community members to keep an open mind when it comes to implementing the CAP. Sometimes folks can be pre-decisional when it comes to sustainability and the environment, but I’ll work hard to ensure that we’re looking for the best triple bottom line solutions (people, profit, and planet).”