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To help community members learn more about the candidates running for Salida City Council in the Nov. 2 coordinated election, Ark Valley Voice (AVV) conducted an initial series of questions with candidates. AVV complied a second round of questions for each candidate and the candidate’s answers are available here.

Each candidate was given the same word allotment as well as a time limit and not every candidate has answered every question.

During this round, the third question asked to Salida City Council candidates was “other than tourism, what types of local industries or new businesses would you favor pursuing job growth and economic stability?”

Harald Kasper’s Answer:

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters. Courtesy of unsplash.

“The tourist industry is in need of a lot of low-paying workers. Having little affordable housing available it seems crucial that future businesses will increasingly focus on IT-service as well as small manufacturing. The city government has to stay alert of what obstacles to those businesses could be removed.”

“I believe that the trend of corporate workers working remote and therefore bringing family and money into town is already on its way.”

Dominique Naccarato’s Answer:

“I’d love to see us focus on manufacturing that takes advantage of materials coming out of our waste diversion, creating circular economies within our city and county.”

“In addition, I always favor our local agricultural industry; our farms and ranches help us be food secure as a community, and they also provide valuable wildlife habitat and carbon sinks for our area. There are some fun ways to support local agriculture by diversifying food products from the valley.”

Adam Martinez’s Answer:

“Regarding job growth, I would support more jobs coming in Salida.”