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The Salida City Council (SCC) will hold its first regular meeting of the month at 6:00 p.m. tonight, Tuesday, November 7, in Council Chambers in the Touber Building, 448 East First Street.

On the agenda is a “re-do” of the vote on the 2024 budget, made necessary by the fact that the vote to pass Resolution 2023-43, which authorized the budget at the October 17 meeting, was a victim of a procedural oversight: the public hearing had not been officially closed before the vote occurred. As a result, there will be another public hearing and vote on the 2024 budget in the form of Resolution 2023-47.

Also on the agenda are first readings and setting of public hearings on Ordinance 2023-14, which establishes variance procedures for private water supply for property owners just outside City limits; Ordinance 2023-15, establishing the Sustainability Committee as an official advisory body within the Salida Municipal Code; and Ordinance 2023-16, approving modifications to certain parcels within the Vandaveer Ranch/South Ark Neighborhood property development plan.

There is also an Executive Session listed for “negotiating parameters and financial commitments regarding the development of infrastructure in the South Ark neighborhood.

A complete agenda, packet, and instructions for remote meeting access can be found here.