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The Salida City Council candidates running for election in the Nov. 2 Coordinated Elections have been answering  Ark Valley Voice candidate questions. With the COVID-19 pandemic still a part of our daily lives, we asked “Would you support a vaccine or testing mandate for city staff?”

Harald Kasper’s Answer:

Image by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Courtesy of unsplash.

“I believe vaccination is the most effective way to fight the corona[virus] crisis, so I really want to encourage anyone, whether they work for the city or not, to take that opportunity and by that, keep themselves safe and others.

Adam Martinez’s Answer:

“Yes, I would support a vaccine testing mandate for city staff. It is important to make sure our staff get the COVID vaccine in order to work at the city. If they refuse it, they will be fired. I would ask that city staff wear masks.”

Dominique Naccarato’s Answer:

“I’m a big fan of vaccines to help prevent infection and death, and I’m a fan of COVID testing to prevent exposure. As far as mandating either, I’d defer to our local, regional, state, and national health authorities for the current recommendation.”