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The Salida City Council will meet in regular session at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, August 2 at the Touber Building, 448 East First Street. The agenda and complete meeting packet are here.

Consent Agenda and Public Comments

A number of planned special event permits comprise the majority of the Consent Agenda. (Reviewing the packet is a great way to get a preview of these coming attractions.)

At 7,523′, “ANK” is the FAA code for Salida Airport, Harriet Alexander Field. Courtesy logo

A future project is contained in a proposed contract with D2C Architects to provide a preliminary design concept for an executive hangar and terminal improvements at Salida Airport, Harriet Alexander Field. After a series of upgrades at the field, the Colorado Division of Aeronautics says that terminal improvements may receive special funding opportunities in the future.

The Airport Advisory Board has identified that having a design concept for these facilities would be ideal for potential grants. Salida’s share (with Chaffee County) of the contract cost is $5,400, which is within their budget.

Public Comment follows the Consent Agenda; it’s a chance for anyone to have up to three minutes to address a concern or topic not already part of a scheduled public hearing.

Ordinance 2022-11 Salida Bottling Company Planned Development Heads To Special Election

Touber Building Sign where Salida City Council meetings are held (Photo by Taylor Sumners)

After a second reading and public hearing, Ordinance 2022-11 regarding Ordinance 2022-06 will be officially submitted to a special referendum election set for November 8. These steps are necessary due to a qualified citizen petition filed in opposition to the development, which was followed by the City Council on July 19, “affirming and not repealing” their prior approval of the project.

If passed on this second reading, the City Clerk will transmit the City’s ballot content to the County Clerk under current statutory guidance.

In related matters, Resolution 2022-38  will, upon approval, request a coordinated mail ballot election following the Uniform Election Code, set for November 8 for this and all other local, county, and state issues and candidate races.

Ordinances 2022-12 and 2022-13 Consider Annexation and Zoning For New Salida Fire Station

New Salida Fire Station site and surrounding zoning as of Aug. 1, 2022. Pink-colored parcels are C-1 Commercial, brown-colored parcels are R-4 Manufactured Housing and white (no) color parcels are as yet, not designated. Graphic courtesy City of Salida

Following the acquisition of land, selection of the design-build team, and meetings with the Planning Commission, the new Salida Fire Station project formalizes plans with two more steps in the process.

Annexation of the 2.94-acre parcel at 611 Oak Street and zoning as C-1 Commercial are on the table with a first reading tonight.  A second reading and Public Hearing will then be scheduled for August 16.

If the planned timetable holds, city officials expect initial cost estimates on the building around the same time so they can begin researching financing options.

Ordinance 2022-14 Considers Zoning for Lot 15 Of The West End Subdivision at County Roads 140 and 141

In this last item of new business, council members will consider a change of residential zoning from R-2 (Medium Density) to R-3 (High Density) for a single lot in this previously approved subdivision. This is a first hearing, following a July 25 recommendation from the Planning Commission. The new zoning would require a sixth inclusionary housing unit to be built as part of three duplexes. If approved, a second reading and public hearing will then be set for August 16.

The session will conclude with Council, Mayor, Treasurer, Attorney, and Staff reports.

To register to listen and participate in the Regular City Council Meeting click on Go To Meeting. You will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. To simply watch the meeting with enhanced audio and video, “LIVE”, click on the City’s broadcast channel.