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Image courtesy of City of Salida

Salida Soak and Swim Outdoor Community Pools, a self-described “multi-generational group of citizens passionate about bringing financially feasible outdoor pools to our community”, will be making a presentation to the Salida City Council at its work session at 6:00 p.m tonight.

The group seeks a public-private partnership with the City of Salida to develop an outdoor pool next to the existing Hot Springs Aquatic Center at Centennial Park on Highway 50.

They outline multiple reasons to develop the pool, including the fact that the current indoor facility has seen a dramatic increase in the number of users within the last few years, leading to overcrowding and long wait lists for popular activities such as children’s swim lessons.

Additionally, they argue that an outdoor pool has been a community and city priority since 1992. Building the outdoor pool, they say, will not only increase water recreation opportunities for residents, but also boost tourism.

Proposed Outdoor Pool plan. Image courtesy of the City of Salida

Finally, the group maintains that should the city go forward with consideration of the outdoor pool, that it would sponsor a public-private capital campaign coordinated through SPOT, or Salida-area Parks, Open Spaces, and Trails, a nonprofit organization that would act as fiscal agent for donations.

A complete agenda and packet for the meeting, as well as remote access information, can be found here.