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Salida City Council will host a regular meeting on Tuesday, August 18 at 6 p.m. where discussions will continue on ordinance 2020-10 and 2020-11. As previously reported by Ark Valley Voice, these ordinances would allow for rezoning from Single-Family to Medium Density in property owned by the City of Salida as well as a vacation of a portion of East Crestone Avenue.

The complex intersection at 3rd and M Streets and East Crestone Avenue is a potential site for inclusionary housing, a proposed collaboration between the City of Salida and the Chaffee Housing Trust. The project would combine two odd-shaped parcels and involved partial street closures. Photo by Merrell Bergin.

The project has been a source of contention in Salida, represent one of the few opportunities to provide inclusionary housing. If approved, the project represents a collaboration between the city of Salida and the Chaffee Housing Trust.

City Council will have a public hearing for a new Brew Pub License for Hubbub Brewing, DBA Soulcraft Brewing.

The council will discuss whether to approve subdivision improvements including Scott Street water facilities reimbursement and an inclusionary housing agreement for the Confluent Park subdivision.

Due to COVID-19, the regular meeting continues to be held via GoToMeeting with limited access for public comment. To pre-register click here.