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Dining in the Street Might Allow Restaurants to Operate while Meeting Public Health Orders

At 1:00 p.m. on May 26, the Salida City Council will host a virtual special meeting discussing a resolution amending the Declaration of Local State of Emergency, to allow for the addition of outdoor seating to help support local businesses impacted by the business shutdowns as a result of the coronavirus known as COVID-19.

If approved, these patios would be used for sit-down dining as well as customer pick up and carry out services, to meet the public health social distancing requirements to reopen. Most of the conversation surrounding this opportunity suggests shutting down certain public streets to allow for greater social distancing for all businesses might be a way to allow businesses to operate safely.

The two blocks of F Street between Sackett and Second Streets are deemed to be the most logical. Staff is continuing the dialogue surrounding this issue.

To tune in to the Go To Meeting virtual session, click here.