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During their regular meeting on June 2, the Salida City Council unanimously approved  the Jane’s Place planned development. Jane’s Place will include four buildings including 17 housing units, and 1,375 square feet of nonprofit and community collaboration space on the site.

Jane’s Place will be an innovative and one-of-a-kind development, combining multiple housing types together with service provision, a nonprofit incubator and co-working center, and a social enterprise coffee shop. The project is now approved for development on the currently vacant half-acre lot on the southwest corner of Highway 291 and  West Third Street.

The model has garnered state-wide attention as a unique and innovative approach to housing development. CCCF will own the land itself, and ground lease that land to the Chaffee Housing Authority (CHA) to build and manage the buildings.

Outline of the proposed project. Image courtesy of the Chaffee County Community Foundation.

The housing is designed to serve a wide range of tenants in transition. From individuals and families who find themselves without housing to seasonal employees to new recruits to our workforce needing a place to land, Jane’s Place will fill a gaping hole in Salida’s housing market.

The Chaffee County Community Foundation (CCCF) notes the unwavering and unanimous support and leadership of the Salida City Council and City staff for approving the planned development known as Jane’s Place on Tuesday night.

The project is a result of deep community engagement and is being spearheaded by CCCF, CHA, and local architect Robert Grether.

Site of the proposed Jane’s Place Project. The proposal went to City Council for first reading on May 18th with second reading and public hearing that took place June 1st. Image by Brooke Gilmore.

CCCF Executive Director, Joseph Teipel said “The fact that this project is the perfect combination of the right time, right idea(s), right place was on prominent display last night. I’m thankful to be involved and excited to enter the next phase of the development. I ask for the continued support from community members as we work to break ground as quickly as possible.”

The success of the project will rest in the continued financial support from the community. To date, more than 50 donors have given over $300,000 to the project.

With the City’s approval in hand, raising additional financial support is crucial to breaking ground as quickly as possible.

To learn more about the project and to donate, click here.  For questions about supporting the project, please reach out to Joseph Teipel at