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On September 15, the Salida City Council voted to approve the Chaffee County Community Foundation’s Coronavirus Relief Fund (CVRF) draft agreement. As previously reported by Ark Valley Voice, The CVRF will assist local nonprofits by providing them access for reimbursement for COVID-19 costs and lost fundraising revenue associated with COVID-19. Other benefactors include providers of youth programming and childcare services to help recoup some of their added costs.

The City of Salida will provide the majority share of funding that would be used to launch the program. City Administrator Drew Nelson acknowledged that “nonprofits provide social services for our communities and we view it as very important for our school systems, kids who go to Boys and Girls Clubs as well some other local nonprofits that are providing relief at this time.”

Executive Director of CCCF, Joseph Teipel said “We are really excited about this program. We have a clear pathway to having Buena Vista, Salida and the county participate together in what would be a two hundred-thousand-dollar program to support our nonprofits and youth.”