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At 6:00 p.m. on Monday July 18, the Salida City Council work session will begin with a presentation from Jessica Downing, representing the Parks, Recreation Open Space and Trails (PROST) Board, advisory to the Salida Parks and Recreation Department.

Image courtesy City of Salida Parks and Recreation Department

PROST 2022-2023 Priorities

A key priority for 2022-2023 is to research the process and needs for planning to build a Recreation/Community Center/Pool(s)/Sports Facility/Department headquarters. This would be a long-term capital project, five to seven years out, primarily funded using a bond or and/or by creating a Recreation District.

Short-term Capital project ideas might:

  • Build and upgrade bathrooms, primarily with City funds
  • Develop an open space and trails master plan
  • Build and install an information kiosk at Vandaveer Ranch solely with City funds
  • Build a pump track with City and partner funds
  • Build a basketball court with City and grant funds

Sustainable Funding for the Chaffee Housing Authority

Becky Gray, Chaffee Housing Authority (CHA) Director will present background, needs assessment, and a proposal for ongoing, sustainable funding for the CHA. After discussion at the work session, the proposal moves as Resolution 2022-32 to the regular City Council meeting on Tuesday for further review and discussion. The complete proposal is included in the council work session packet, pages 3-9.

An ad hoc committee and the full CHA Board of Directors is recommending that the best option is an ad valorem property tax of 3.5 mills to be placed on the November 8, 2022 coordinated general election for consideration by voters. The Board notes that while the anticipated $2 million in tax revenue does not quite match the $2.4 million total revenue needed to fully fund their goals, it does provide enough funding to accomplish measurable results in housing development, access, and stabilization.

Logo courtesy Chaffee Housing Authority

According to the CHA, a 3.5 mill property tax increase will cost less than $10/month for residential property owners and less than $34/month for commercial property owners. Yearly, this is less than $120/year for residential property owners and less than $420/year for commercial property owners. This is based on the median assessed values.

For comparison purposes, the mill levy voters approved to fund Colorado Mountain College in Salida is currently at 4.01 mills. Buena Vista voters did not chose to join the CMC district at that time. CHA will be seeking approval from Chaffee County, the Town Of Buena Vista, the City of Salida  and their voters to also participate in funding the authority as part of the intergovernmental agreement (IGA) with these entities.

Occupational Lodging Tax (OLT) Discussion

Courtesy photo: A short term rental managed by Effortless Rental Group

Concluding the work session, Deputy City Clerk Sara Law will facilitate a Short Term Rental taxation discussion. The topic  was requested by Salida City Council to explain the history of the 2008 OLT ballot issue and explain its current state.

It is expected that the council members may consider any changes that they might make to the current OLT per night tax (as previously authorized by voters) as well as consider options for possible ballot issues, again in the November 8, 2022 general election.

Such issues might include repurposing (some or all) of OLT revenue to support workforce housing or possibly increasing the nightly rate beyond what voters had approved in 2008.

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Featured image: Image courtesy Ryan Wiegman, City of Salida Parks and Recreation