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Salida City Council will host a joint work session with the planning commission on Monday, November 30 to review a new concept: the Chaffee County Community Foundation (CCCF) Salida Adaptive Housing Planned Development proposal.

CCCF and the Chaffee Housing Authority are proposing a mixed-use development at the corner of Highway 291 and West Third Street. The development would have four adaptive apartments, four studio apartments, and 10 one-bedroom apartments along with nonprofit and community space, all located within four separate buildings. The adaptive apartments would each contain between four and eight beds with a full kitchen and bathroom.  “We have started using this term very intentionally to refer to that goal of the project – to be financed and designed in such a way to continually adapt to meet evolving housing and community needs” said CCCF Executive Director Joseph Teipel.

The council will also review the Holman Court Planned Development and Subdivision concept. Dark Sky will give a presentation to the council and council members will receive a recreation plan update. Topics include an introduction to the project, information from the Chaffee County Recreation survey, draft objectives and agree on the next steps.

Lastly, the council will discuss Campaign Finance Ordinance 2020-12 which would create a new section of the Salida municipal code to create a local-level process for addressing complaints alleging campaign finance law violation in city elections.

Due to the increase of COVID-19 cases and health regulations, the meeting will be held virtually on GoToMeeting. To preregister, click here


Featured Image: screenshot taken during Salida City Council work session on August 31.