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The Salida Community Center will be holding a food distribution event starting at 10:00 a.m. on April Wednesday 7, located at 305 F Street in Salida. The Community Center will be handling The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) administered by Care and Share out of Colorado Springs.

TEFAP is a federal program that provides people living on a low income with extra food each month at no cost. The income eligibility below is based on your current income.

Income Eligibility for TEFAP is as follows:

Household Size Maximum Weekly Household Income Maximum Monthly Household Income Maximum Annual Household Income
1 $ 480.38 $ 2,081.67 $ 24,980
2 $ 650.38 $ 2,818.33 $ 33,820
3 $ 820.38 $ 3,555.00 $ 42,660
4 $ 990.38 $ 4,291.67 $ 51,500
5 $ 1,160.38 $ 5,028.33 $ 60,340
6 $ 1,330.38 $ 5,765.00 $ 69,180
7 $ 1,500.38 $ 6,501.67 $ 78,020
8 $ 1,670.38 $ 7,238.33 $ 86,860
For each additional family member, add $ 170.00 $ 736.67 $ 8,840

Image courtesy of the Salida Chamber of Commerce. Residents line up to receive food while volunteers organize to distribute.

Due to COVID-19, community members will not be asked to sign any papers. They will only be asked the name, address, and number of people in the household.  Representatives of The Community Center say they are aware that at this time there are a large number of people that are not able to work due to the COVID-19 public health orders. Community members are encouraged to take advantage of this food program.

People are asked to remain in their cars and the food will be delivered to them. Volunteers will be directing traffic and others will be standing in front of the Salida Community Center building at 305 F Street to assist.

Cars will pull up in front of the building and drivers are asked to pull forward as soon as the cars in front are loaded and have pulled out. The Community Center asks for patience to keep everyone safe. They remind the community that they are volunteers and are working hard to help the community.