The Salida Parks, Recreation, Open Space and Trails (PROST) Master Planning session Sept. 19 enabled the community to give input regarding conceptual plans of Marvin and Centennial Parks.

This gathering was the third of six community meetings that will take place through the fall. Each meeting intends to determine what plans the community likes and dislikes for Marvin Park and Centennial Park. The conceptual plans were drafted from feedback received primarily from the first two public gatherings held on June 26 and July 11.

Conceptual plans for Centennial Park in the PROST Master Plan

The PROST Master Plan handout provided by the City of Salida confirmed that “Two public gatherings were held with more than 200 people in attendance which were the primary source of information used for the amenities you see included on both plans.”

Jamie Sabbach, president & CEO of 110 Percent, project manager for the PROST plan, emphasized the importance of community understanding on what conceptual plans are. She referred to the handout provided by the City of Salida, saying, “Concept plans are simply ideas in image form of what a space “could be.” Concept plans are not construction documents. They are simply a way to visualize a space and the opportunities it presents.”

Kimley-Horn’s Chris Hice, senior project manager, and Lindsey Heuvelman walked citizens through the display boards.  They featured an overall concept of each park, with detail on specific amenities and additions, requesting feedback about each one. Centennial Park’s board specifically sought input on the addition of a new playground, splash pad, skate park, motorist parking and dog park areas.

The Marvin Park concept, features an amphitheater, a multi-modal trail, river access for kayaks and canoes, a multi-use lawn, and large pavilions. One question the PROST Master planning group highlighted in the handout addressed the removal of the baseball and softball fields from the Concept Plan draft for Marvin Park to some other location.

The handout says, “The City will need to identify a parcel of land that can be dedicated to the park use and specifically, multi-use fields that can accommodate activities such as baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse, and other types of field sports, in order for modifications to be made at Marvin Park. The current baseball/softball fields that occupy Marvin Park would not be removed until other multi-use fields were constructed and available for play.”

The handout was the most significant source of information about what happens next in the PROST Master Plan process. It said, “The concept plans as presented this evening will be revised and adjusted based upon feedback received from the community as well as feedback provided by the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board and the Salida City Council.”