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Salida Council for the Arts presents its monthly Creative Mixer.  The May Creative Mixer is scheduled from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Friday May 14. The reception is free and complimentary beverages will be served. The event will be held on the Riverside Plaza at the SteamPlant as the opening reception for artist Dale Barth.

​The reception will be held outdoors and the council requests that those who participate wear face masks. A limited number of guests will be allowed in the gallery at any one time for viewing. The creative mixer will take place during the opening reception.

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All artists and art lovers are encouraged to attend to meet like-minded people, share influences, news and to be inspired by the energy that makes Salida a center of creative expression.

In regards to the exhibit Barth explained, “I use the “Alla Prima” method which simply means I begin and complete each artwork in one setting. By using this method, immediacy is important, not only because it is the nature of people, but for me it is the most instinctive way to draw and paint.”

“The simplicity and complexity within a single subject, inspires me as well as the harmony that exists between light and shadow. My only contest is with myself, to do it with conviction and joy; power, soul, and sensitivity.”

“The artist is not about certainty or being safe. The artist is about complete vulnerability and living in the moment. And in my lowest moments when I doubt my talents and abilities, I still continue to work and some of my drawings and paintings validate my continuing to go on. It’s who I am. And what I do. Which expresses the things I have no words for. I can communicate with the viewer – with lines, shapes, and color to evoke and emotion or mood with the viewer. Being introduced to different scenarios, wrapped in both depth and sensitivity and hopefully the viewer will take something personal away from the experience,” Barth continued.

“Doing what you love may mean sacrifice and losing people because they don’t see or relate to your vision or passionate pursuit; it may mean mockery, rejection, and isolation – isolation is the kicker.

The others are a test of your determination and how much you want to do it. And if you can sustain the test, you will endure and go on. There’s no other feeling like it – the nights will be a little closer with God the creator, and ride life straight to perfect left to center.”

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