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Photo: Unsplash/Mike Petrucci

The Salida Council for the Arts (SCFTA) has announced that it is currently looking for volunteers. Those interested in contributing to the arts in Salida are asked to apply.

To get involved, fill out the general inquiries form and tell them how you would like to help. Click here for contact information.

Opportunities include:

  • Art Lovers Committee
  • Fundraising Committee
  • Valley Visions Art Show
  • Boddy Jam – concert to raise scholarship funds
  • Salida Film Festival
  • Marketing (bloggers, social media posts)
  • High School Scholarship selection committee
  • Community Grants committee

The Council’s mission is to enrich the cultural life of the community by nurturing and supporting excellence in the art. They hope to increase the community’s awareness of and appreciation for the arts as well as promote and encourage arts education. Lastly, they serve as a liaison between the arts, businesses, government and educational institutions.

Featured image: By Mike Petrucci. Courtesy of Unsplash.