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Tonight is the opening night for Salida Fiber Artists at the Paquette Gallery of the Salida SteamPlant.

Fiber Fairies “yarn bomb” tree enclosures and planters on F Street in celebration of the 2022 Salida Fiber Festival. Merrell Bergin photo

The Salida Council for the Arts Creative Mixer features a group show opening from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 8. It is the kick-off for the month-long Fiber Arts Show.

Humorously referred to as a “soft and woolly exhibit, the creative mixer will feature musical guest, singer/songwriter Eunice Collette, and a cash bar.

Salida Council for the Arts hosts monthly Creative Mixer as a service for artists or creatives working in all genres, allowing them to meet like-minded people, and share influences and news.

The gatherings allow artistic types to soak up fresh ideas, and to be inspired by the energy that makes Salida a center of support and expression.

This month’s exhibition of artists is a collective of participants from the upcoming Fiber Arts Festival. The show will be open for viewing in the Paquette Gallery throughout the month of September.

Featured image: Self-described Fiber Fairies “yarn bomb” the Lowry boulder on F Street at Riverside Park celebrating the 2022 Salida Fiber Festival. Merrell Bergin photo