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In the Salida City Council meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 6, Salida City Council approved a motion to set a hearing for Aug. 20 regarding Ordinance 2019-12. This ordinance addresses potential amendments that will be made to Chapter 6 of the Salida Municipal Code, regarding short term rentals.

Touber Building sign. (Photo by Taylor Sumners)

The conversation began with council reminding community members that in a May 20 work session, it had directed staff to revisit Chapter 6 Article VI of the Salida Municipal Code.

The reason to revisit the language around short term rentals in residential areas of Salida is to develop more precise language that would both sound and be fairer. Council particularly pointed out the need to focus on the language around increased enforcement of penalties associated with not paying the taxes on the properties.

Salida City Council has reviewed the proposals put together by staff and set a public hearing for Tuesday, Aug. 20 regarding the changes to the code.