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The board and members of the Salida Cycling Club have decided to cancel the 2018 Salida Classic due to declining income and volunteer burnout.
“Participation in road racing is in decline nationwide,” said SCC President Eric Tauer in a letter to members. “As of the last accounting, we ultimately lost money on an effort that requires a huge amount of volunteer work.”
Tauer said it was a hard decision to make, not just because the event has been a major part of the club for years but because planning for it started right after the 2017 Salida Classic. “We were on the 2018 BRAC calendar. We had a contract with a sports marketing company. The race director had already put many wheels in motion.”
Tauer said commitments for the 2018 event have been terminated, but it is possible the club might reconsider holding the event again in the future.
“Years back, this event was the major source of income for SCC. We will be looking at new ways to raise funds going forward.”