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Image courtesy of Facebook.

As the county slowly begins to reintroduce activities and events, Box of Bubbles, Theater in Non-Traditional Spaces (TINTS) and local artists are collaborating to create “Salida Goes Surreal”. The idea came about when Jennifer Dempsey’s sister Amy Dempsey published the book Surrealism. The planning for this event has been organic and the exhibit will go from December 1 to the 30.

On December 1o the Salida Council for the arts will host the Surrealist Soiree which will feature palm reading, magic, dance, contrition, a snake charmer, séance, music, food and a costume contest. Due to public health regulations and social distancing standards the event is subject to change. Additional venues for films, dance, performative art and theater are still being determined.

Surrealism was started by the French Artist André Breton in response to World War I with major influences by Dada. The movement sought to release the creative potential of the unconscious mind in art and literature. Surrealism tried to make sense of the world in another way.

“When her book came out it was so interesting and user friendly. I was reading it and I was showing Ken (Brandon, owner of Box of Bubbles) and we thought we had to do something with this theme. So the idea started to take hold and then of course COVID hit and that threw everything in a new direction but we had December 2020 on the calendar all along. We really started getting moving on it this August.”

At 6 p.m. on Monday evenings, Box of Bubbles hosts a small informal gathering, with facemasks, to discuss what surrealism is. Dempsey explained “We are getting a lot of brainstorming going on and people are sparking off each other creatively.”

“Anybody is welcome, artists non-artists. If you think you’re creative come, if you don’t think you’re creative come because you’d be surprised at how relevant it is and also how many ideas a person has that might not seem available. They are.”

To attend one of these weekly creative gatherings, contact Ken Brandon at Box of Bubbles.