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On February 17, Salida High School (SHS) students will move to remote learning, while all other campuses will remain in person.  The School district made the announcement around 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday.

Photo by Brooke Gilmore.

The school district says that the shift is the result of a shortage of substitute teachers. and that all available substitutes are being shifted to support the other school campuses for the lower grades on Thursday.

The district reports that staff absences this week have been impacted by a spike in COVID cases and this has strained the District’s substitute capacity. Classroom coverage has included substitutes and every staff member eligible to help, including the superintendent.

By law, to operate a public school, there has to be a minimum student to adult ratio for each campus. But despite the dedicated support of subs and fellow staff members, it became apparent on Wednesday that there would not be enough staff and substitutes to run all of the Salida campuses in person on Thursday.

“Moving the high school to remote will allow the District to maximize our resources, dedicate our substitutes to in-person learning to keep our younger students in their school buildings,” read the district’s official statement.

SHS teachers will be in communication with their students and will be taking attendance. The SHS remote schedule is posted online at Students with questions should reach out to their teachers with any questions.