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Salida High will be on a Remote Learning Day today, Tuesday Oct. 6. Students were asked this morning not to come to school and check their email for more information.

Salida School District planned for how to handle school learning days if there was a positive case of the coronavirus known as COVID-19, should a student test positive, or if there were verified exposure by students or teachers to someone with COVID-19. According to Monday’s Chaffee County Public Health dashboard update, “The latest cases listed on the county’s COVID-19 dashboard included a male and female both under the age of 18 from the south county.”

Update: The Salida School District released the following information on today’s closure. There is a positive case of COVID-19 at Salida High School. Each case of COVID-19 is interviewed by public health. As part of the investigation the people diagnosed are being kept home from school until they are no longer infectious. The people’s mask use, social distancing and activates while infectious were assessed. The people who were in close contact with the person with COVID-19 have been instructed to stay home from school for 14 days after the exposure in quarantine. The parents of all students know to have had close contact with the positive case will be notified today. They will be instructed to keep their children in quarantine for 14 days after the last exposure of the positive case. Public Health will contact all students, staff and other individuals that have been in contact with the positive case outside of the school setting. These individuals will be asked to quarantine for 14 days as well.

If you have not received contact from the school by the end of the day Tuesday, October 6, public health does not believe your child was in close contact with anyone with the COVID-19 virus while at school.

Based on the protocol developed over the summer and through discussions today with the COVID-19 response team, it has been decided that the entire district will move to remote learning for the remainder of the week. This closure allows time to determine if other schools and students have been impacted as well. Public Health is offering COVID-19 testing to many of the close contacts in order to determine the degree of spread, if any. Results for these tests take three to five days to come in which is why the school needs to remain closed.

If you have not been contacted by the school or public health, your child does not need to observe quarantine or isolation protocols. It is important that during this time the community continues to help stop the spread of COVID-19 by wearing a mask, limiting social interactions, staying home when sick, washing hands and avoiding crowded indoor spaces.

At this time, Public Health does not recommend testing for students who were not in close contact unless they become symptomatic. If your child does become symptomatic, they recommend that you work with your primary care physician to determine if your child needs a test.

Contact Public Health with any further questions.