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Parents and friends of Salida High School (SHS) students can set their calendars now for SHS Scholarship Night. This week the school administration set the night of May 15 for the community to honor its top graduating students.

“We want to make sure we are doing our best to connect kids with money offered here in the community in addition to helping them understand financial aid and other scholarship opportunities,” said Salida School District Communications Assistant and School Board Secretary Kim LeTourneau.

Asked about the high school’s record related to the number of scholarships traditionally available and total dollar amount,  LeTourneau said that “because of the pandemic, and staff turnover, we don’t really have good data to share [for past years]. There was a gap in good recordkeeping on our end that we are trying to correct.” She added that there were also a number of organizations that normally provide scholarships that were impacted by the pandemic as well.

Now that the worst of the pandemic is past, and with an improved recordkeeping process, said LeTourneau, “SHS plans to be better able to share the donors, the names of winners and the total amount given within the community.”

The school put out a community request just a few weeks ago for groups to self-identify their scholarship intent, so the school has some idea of the scholarships that are available to students.