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Caroline Edgington and Kai Brown are 2020 Fall Royalty Winners, Image courtesy of the Salida School District.

Much like most events this year, due to COVID-19 Salida High School’s Fall Royalty assembly looked a little different. This year’s social distancing, capacity limits, and masks were all prominent features of this annual the event.

The assembly was broadcast to classrooms where the Salida High School 2020 Fall court nominees were announced. The court was nominated by the senior class and includes:

  • Kai Brown escorted by Lanice Rodrigues
  • Caroline Edgington escorted by Rich Edgington
  • Jonah Ellis escorted by Jolene Ellis
  • Raley Patch escorted by Connie Patch
  • Myles Godina escorted by Rachel Pelino
  • Lily Lengerich escorted by Jason Lengerich

Voting took place during the advisory period on Thursday, November 12.

The Fall Royalty voted for by the SHS student body are Kai Brown and Caroline Edgington.