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The Salida Parks and Recreation Department has announced a new schedule starting April 26 at the Salida Hot Springs Aquatic Center. The new schedule will maximize the number of participants in the facility, while still allowing participant and staff safety.

Recreation Coordinator of the Department of Parks and Recreation, Ryan Wiegman explained   “We are maximizing the number of participants we can have in the facility while still keeping everyone safe. This schedule will remain in effect until October unless restrictions allow us to change it sooner.”

Salida Recreation Center (Catherine Eichel Photography)

The department carefully reviewed the new county COVID-19 restrictions and has decided to keep the schedule the same, except for the removal of the 30 minutes between time slots. The facility will still undergo thorough cleaning, and participants will still be asked to wear masks and practice social distancing.

The staff appreciate how patient the community has been as they navigate the safest ways to reopen our facilities. The department is looking forward to having the community back in the pool and appreciates their help in keeping it a safe environment for everyone to enjoy.