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With the November election less than a week away, campaign signs are permitted in the city of Salida, but there are some regulations concerning the sizes and placement of those signs.

The First Amendment ensures citizens their right to display political signs. The Salida Municipal Code allows for extra signs during the election season but regulates the time, place and manner of these signs. The Community Development Department would like to remind citizens and candidates of these regulations.

The municipal code defines election signs as temporary signs displayed during the election season beginning 90 days prior to an election and ending 15 days following the election for the purpose of expressing opinions concerning candidates, ballot issues and ideological positions [Section 16-10-40(c)].

During the political campaign period each residential dwelling unit in any zone shall be allowed an additional 9 square feet of sign area for the purpose of expressing opinions concerning candidates, ballot issues and ideological positions. The height of individual election signs shall be limited as established in Table 16-L [Section 16-10-50(e)]. Residential zone districts are allowed 9 square feet of signage the rest of the year.

Election signs on public property are prohibited, including signs placed on light poles, in the parkways between the sidewalk and curb, in public parks or in other public areas.

No sign shall be displayed on public property or within the right-of-way of any road or highway without the written approval of Salida City Council following a finding that the proposed sign promotes a legitimate and necessary public interest in public safety, traffic safety, way-finding, location identification, public information or the economic vitality of a commercial district [Section 16-10-60 (2)].

If signs are found to be out of compliance with these regulations, citizens will be contacted and asked to bring the sign into compliance. Signs placed on public property in areas such as parks, parkways in front of sidewalks or at the end of streets will be removed, and the responsible party will be contacted to pick up the signs.

Anyone who has questions about these regulations is encouraged to contact the Community Development Department at 719-530-2634.

submitted by the city of Salida