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The City of Salida is conducting a survey on short-term rentals. It is generally accepted that short-term rental units (STRs)—defined as residential units rented for less than 30 consecutive days—have had a notable impact on both housing costs and the availability of housing the local, Chaffee County workforce.

STR properties are assessed and taxed at a residential rate, whereas hotel and motel properties are assessed and taxed at a commercial rate that is more than 3 times the residential rate, creating an unequal playing field for such services. In response to these conditions, the City of Salida is considering a variety of updates to its current STR policies.

According to the city, the intention of this survey is not to vilify STR license holders but to attempt to strike a balance between a specific service that is in demand and other critically important community components, including workforce housing and fairness in commerce.

Participants are asked to respond to the following survey, which should take about 5-10 minutes to complete. Click here to participate.