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January 6 will be a day we all look back on and remember; the day the insurrection that occurred. We will look back and remember the fear and anger we felt. We will remember the treatment of those trying to interfere with our democracy. While those events may behind us, there is much uncertainty in front of us.

Ark Valley Voice spoke with Mayor Wood to get his thoughts surrounding this history making day. Wood reflected on yesterday’s events saying, “It was stressful not knowing what was happening and that our city employees may be affected in some way and how far-reaching this thing might have spread.”

Mayor and Mayor-elect P.T. Wood at swearing in ceremony in Nov. 2019 (Photo by Taylor Sumners)

“The same as everyone has said, this is simply not the way we do things here or not the way we should do things here,” said Wood. “Our form of government relies on that peaceful transfer of power and frankly for people to attempt to game that system for their own personal political gain, ignoring the greater good is disgusting and despicable.”

He continued “I am incredibly disappointed not only in the president who I think we all saw this coming from. He has been trying to cause this kind of havoc for years.”

“I’m really disappointed in our congressional representatives from Colorado that supported these wild conspiracy theories that have no basis in reality. I really thought that our representatives from Colorado would have more backbone and stand up for what is right.”