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On December 16, the Salida Public Art Commission (SPAC) hosted a meeting to discuss potential projects and the funds given by the city. The SPAC received $10,000 to be used in 2021 to create new art for the community.

One potential project aligns with Salida’s anti-hate proclamation made earlier this year. Though it is still very early in the planning process, members discussed the potential of making murals or even arches in line with the theme of Salida as a hate-free space.

Image courtesy of the City of Salida’s website.

SPAC reviewed the city ordinance establishing the Public Art Commission and used the meeting as a brainstorming session. Jennifer Swan, a member of the Chaffee County’s Community Equity Coalition gave a presentation on some of the projects they have done and why they established the Coalition earlier in the year.

The 2021 SPAC members are Michael Varnum, Patrick O’Brien, Suzy Patterson, Maura McInerney, Reed Govert, Sue Ann Hum, Stephen Smalzel, Ken Brandon and Martin Jolley. Jolley was welcomed to the SPAC, as he was appointed during the December 15 City Council meeting.

SPAC says they plan to use some of the money to maintain previous art installations while also creating new works. They plan to meet again in early January to further discuss and plan new projects.

The Salida Public Art Commission was created in March of 2015 to oversee public art projects. To learn more about SPAC and the Public Art Policy, click here.